Yellow Jarrah Dining Table & Benches

Yellow Jarrah Dining Table and Benches


Yellow Jarrah Dining Table & Benches


This Yellow Jarrah dining table & benches were hand-crafted from untreated hardwood ties (rail-wood sleepers) used to construct the railroads in Africa at the turn of the nineteenth century.

It is also available in Rhodesian (red hues) and African Teak (brown hues) as well as Pang Pang (dark brown to almost black) wood.

Custom sizes can be requested for the table size - as well as images of a variety of dining room chairs as options - instead of benches.

The size of this table and the matching benches are:

Table: 2184 (l) x 1155 (w) x 762 (h) mm

Benches each: 1981 (l) x 355 (w) x 444 (h) mm

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