Wooden Slatted Bench

Slatted Wooden Bench

Wooden Slatted Bench

This ‘free form’ 2 seater wooden slatted bench has been digitally designed and crafted. It consists of 2 each of 31 different plywood profiled slates, each consisting of 4 unique components clipped onto 5 internal stringers. Each connection is precision cut allowing for the entire piece to be clipped and glued together without the need for metal fixings.

It works well as a single piece of furniture, or several can be joined end to end, either facing the same way or alternate directions (for example for public space seating), creating a continuous flowing form.

Size: Width: 2400mm Height: 750mm Depth: 900mm

Colour Options: Natural Wood sealed with Low VOC Waterbased Polyurethane sealer

Order Number: Wood Slatted Bench 2400

Interior bench: 18mm Birch Plywood
Exterior bench: 18mm Marine Ply

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