Wooden Hand-Carved African Ashanti Stools

wooden hand-carved African Ashanti stool

Wooden Hand-Carved African Ashanti Stools

In Africa, Ashanti stools are regarded as spiritual, as well as, practical.  This African home decorative piece was carved from a single block of wood.  Legend foretells, that the soul of the owner/s of the stool resides within the seat of the stool.  Hence, when the seat of the stool was not in use, it would lean against a wall, thus preventing passersby's souls entering the owner’s seat.

Colour Options:  Available In black and brown stain or it can be spray-painted in white or any colours of choice.

Size: of this stool 54 x 26 deep x 35Hcm - there are also other sizes and different designs available contact us at info@phasesafrica.com for more options

Order Code: ASS - 012

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