Wall Sconce Porcupine Quill Shade

wall sconces porcupine quill shades


Wall Sconce Porcupine Quill Shade


Phases Africa is thrilled to welcome another talented artist to our team, her wall sconces made from porcupine quill shades are in several of South Africa’s top 5* lodges and hotels. We only sell the shade, shaped in a half-circle, a perfect fit for wall sconces.  The porcupine quills were obtained through sustainable green procurement procedures.

They are available in two sizes:

Medium: The top of the shade is 100mm and the bottom 180mm and the height 500mm

Order Code: PQ-ELE.WALL-M

Large: The top of the shade is 200mm and the bottom 350 x 500mm H

Order Code: PQ-ELE.WALL-L

Please Note: The height measurements include the very end of quills in both sizes.

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