Unique Wall Sconce Light Fixture

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Unique Wall Sconce Light Fixture


This unique wall sconce light fixture was created by an artist who strongly believes in green living.

The elements used in this fixture: tumbled glass and galvanized wire

Size: seen here, 200 diameters and height 400mm.

Colours: available in a mixture of colors as well as any solid color of your choice.

Options: The wall sconces can either be all glass, as seen in the above image in a mixture of colours, or a single solid colour.  The other option is it can be all glass or made with a stainless steel frame, as seen in the featured image.

The artists work is all custom made so please contact us with your specifications on size and style as well as glass colours, and we would forward you a quote and lead time.

Order Code: LRC- 0054

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