Unique Recycled Glass Chandelier



Unique Recycled Glass Chandelier



The element used in this unique recycled glass chandelier are mostly optional: Brushed stainless steel frame with plexiglass (Lucite) inserted to serve as the backing with either tumbled glass only or the artist can incorporate a mixture of glass, cow horn, shells, driftwood, beads, and interesting found objects. Galvanized wire is used to string the different objects.  The size of the fixtures is custom in length and width as well as how long the strands need to hang down.  Also, the shape of the stainless steel frames is optional rectangular or oval the later shape is seen on our featured lighting fixtures page.

Order Code: LRC- 0052 (please include the desired sizes as well as the shape of the stainless steel frame, and the colour the recycled glass needs to be)

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