Reclaimed Wood Teak Table


Reclaimed Wood Teak Table

This reclaimed wood teak table is a truly original piece of African history.  It was hand-crafted from untreated hardwood ties used to construct the railroads in Africa at the turn of the nineteenth century.  The timber is called Red Rhodesian Teak, it is hard to come by these days.

Three other  sleeper wood timber were used during that period: Yellow Jarrah (like the name a yellowish colour,)  Panga Panga (almost black,) and African Teak (shades of brown.)  We will do our utmost to locate these rare African antique hardwoods in order to hand-craft a similar or customer table to your specifications, within reason.

Order Code: Red Rhodesian Teak

Size: 1700mm L x 460mm W x 740mm H (or customs sizes per your request)

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