Handmade Area Wool Rugs

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Handmade Area Wool Rugs

These handmade area wool rugs are 100% Karakul sheep wool and adds warmth and texture to any room in your home or office. The wool is bound by a very long fiber, spun and woven to ensure a rug that will last a lifetime. A natural coating of lanolin makes these rugs extremely durable and they are super easy to clean, within reason.  Each handwoven area rug are seized to suits our customers’ needs, up to a maximum of 4m x 6m.  Adding tassels to the rug is an option, if preferred.

Available Natural Colour Tones: white/cream, light grey, dark grey, speckle - charcoal with chocolate undertones in natural wool, no chemicals are used in the making of these rugs.  light grey, charcoal, chocolate, cream and speckle.

Navigation of this page: Please click on arrows inserted in image to page to the next image for a better view of the plushness of this handmade area rug.         The finale image here shows the natural colours options of the 100% Karakul wool.

Order Code: 00-54

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