Glass Chandeliers

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Glass Chandeliers


These glass chandeliers were framed in stainless steel frames with lucite/plexiglass inserts where the glass strands are hooked in.    Other options are also available this glass chandelier fixture can be made with only tumbled glass, or different elements can be incorporated with the glass strands.  For instance: driftwood, or a mixture of tumbled-glass, sliced cow horn rings, seashells, beads, crystals, mirror pieces, and interesting found objects. Please note we always use galvanized wire to string and tie the different objects together, the frames can also be changed to brass or all-glass frame using the same tumbled glass pieces.

Available Sizes:

  • 600mm diameter, length 700mm
  • 800mm diameter, length 1000mm
  • 1000mm diameter, length 1100mm

Order Code: LRC- 0047

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