Ceiling Light Fixture│Recycled Glass



Ceiling Light Fixture│Recycled Glass


The elements used in this recycled ceiling light fixture were tumbled recycled glass and stainless steel frames, either wide or narrow in shape. tumbled recycled glass, brushed stainless steel, and galvanized wire.  Please use the arrows inserted on either side of the images to view more options.  Please contact us at info@phasesafrica.com with your specification, therefore, we can provide you with a quote as well as, the lead time since all of these fixtures are custom made.

Size of the featured fixtures:  All custom made according to your specifications, within reason.

Options: The size and colours of the recycled glass as well as other found objects can be added to the lighting fixture such as;  driftwood, seashells, shaved cow horn, as well as beads, to name a few.

Order Code: LRC- 0055 - please indicate the length of the strands to hang down, the size of the fixture in diameters.  The preferred stainless steel frame, if attached directly to the ceiling we recommend the wide stainless steel frame.  In the case of the lighting fixture being suspended from the ceiling, we recommend the narrow option. However, the preference resides with our customers either frame can be accommodated.

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