African Wall Decor│Plank Masks


African Wall Decor│Plank Masks

This wood hand carved wall decorative piece, often referred to as plank masks, hails from West Africa.  A stunning addition to any room whether it's traditional, contemporary at home or the office.  Please use arrows inserted on either side of the above image to view more options. If you are looking for a specific plank mask you can contact us at we source a great variety and no two are identical.  Please forward your requirements and we will provide you with images, sizes, and prices to choose from.

Page 1. Round Plank Mask: Order code: BBC 013

Size:  110 cm long x 70 diam

Page 2. Square Plank Mask: Order Code: BBC 014

Size: 100cm long x 70 wide:

Page 3. Goli Kplekple painted hand-carved wood plank mask

Page 4. Sun Mask painted hand-carved wood mask on a stand which is another option to display these masks

By:  Baule (Baoulé) people of the Ivory Coast West Africa.

The goli kplekple mask is one of several that appear in the Goli spirit dance. It represents a minor spirIt associated with the junior rank of male dancers who perform before the more important masks appear. In keeping with its low status, this mask is made in a simple disk-shaped design and lacks the more complex form and ornamentation that the Baule admire in their important masks. Considered a mischievous mask, the youthful dancer,

Order Code: BBC 030

Size: 112cm Tall x 62cm Wide x 8cm Deep


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