African Home Decor│Bamileke Stools


African Home Decor│Bamileke Stools

These African home decorative Bamileke stools were hand-carved in Cameroon, by the Bamileke tribe, and are ideal side-tables.  As a rule the Bamileke stools were only allowed to be used by the Cameroonian Kings and Queens as well as, their direct descendants, during ceremonial rituals.  This elegant African home decor piece adds a sculptural element to any room in your home or office.

Please use arrows inserted on sides of the above image to see more colour options.

Order number: BBC 006

Size: 60cm diam x 40cm high (also available in other sizes: approx. 40 as well as 50 diam.)

Available Colours: stained either in black or light or dark brown.  It can also be spray painted white or a colour of your choice.


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