African Decor│Yoruba│Royal Crown



African Decor│Yoruba│Royal Crown


This African Decor piece is a Yoruba Royal Crown worn by a King, Queen or direct descendant.  This handmade crown from Nigeria is worshiped and one of the most cherished beaded objects from Africa. This crown is worn during public and state occasions. The crown is the most important object in royal Yoruba insignia. The beaded strings attached at the bottom of the crown covers the king’s face and shrouds him from the onlookers, therefore, strengthening his role as a divine ruler. Please use the arrows inserted on either side of the image to view more options.

Tall Yoruba Kings Crown Size: approx. 30cm Diam x 41cm H

Shorter Yoruba Kings Crown Size: approx. 73cm Diam x 30cm H


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