African Imports│Furniture & Decor

Phases Africa has been in the African furniture & decor import business for almost 20 years.  As a result visitors to our online store will find a selection of exclusive and elegant African furniture, unique lighting fixtures, and organic handmade wool as well as, cowhide rugs.  Also this exuberant and eclectic mix of African products includes; one-of-a-kind African art decor as well as, African home décor Furthermore African interior design products are being showcased at prestigious trade shows across the globe.

Sustainable Recycled Glass Chandelier                                                           Sustainably Sourced  Recycled Glass Chandelier

Today, Phases Africa’s furniture and decor collection include commissioned art by award-winning African artists.  Including but not limited to; hand-chiseled bowls and driftwood sculptures as well as, traditional African art from many nations on the African continent. Their popular wood-turned side-tables can be ordered in a large variety of sizes, styles, and shapes, in either natural wood or a variety of different finishes.

African Handmade Rugs                          African Handmade Rugs

The online products sold by Phases Africa Furniture & Décor, have a classic elegance and distinctly African character, which includes sustainably harvested African indigenous hardwoods.  Only the roots of fallen trees are used for their signature collection of indigenous hardwood tree root table bases.  The dining room table slabs, constructed from richly hued wood are also obtained through their strict procurement program.  Thus ensuring they only accept timber from verifiable sources practicing sustainable methods of procuring their wood.

Sustainably African Furniture Sourced Wood-turnings                                                        Sustainably Sourced African Furniture Wood-turnings

Seating includes; contemporary indoor and outdoor loungers, minimalist wooden as well as, mid-century modern leather and cowhide chairs.  Trending wood turned side tables in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes.  In the African furniture and African décor categories, one can also find traditional African tribal furniture such as; beaded Yoruba armchairs from Nigeria, Bamileke and Senufo hand-carved stools as well as, beds.  The latter, sought after by top interior designers around the globe, to use as coffee tables in luxury hotels, safari lodges, and prestigious commercial spaces.

African Furniture Indoor & Outdoor Wood Lounger                          African Furniture Indoor & Outdoor Wood Lounger

The result is Phases Africa Furniture & Décor - a collection that combines a sophisticated contemporary design aesthetic with the organic and timeless beauty of Africa’s tribal legacy.

African Decor Cameroon Bamileke Beaded Mask                          African Decor Cameroon Bamileke Beaded Mask


African Art Decor Hand Chiseled Bowls                         African Art Decor Hand Chiseled Bowls


African Imports│Furniture & Decor 1

African Sustainable Sourced Tree Root Dining Room Table


African Lighting, stainless steel & leather hanging light

African Lighting, Stainless Steel & Leather Hanging Light


African Imports│Furniture & Decor 2

Yoruba Beaded Arm Chairs, Nigeria


African Imports│Furniture & Decor 3

African Minimalist Furniture Wooden Chairs


African Imports│Furniture & Decor 4

African Furniture Solid Oakwood Scorched Bench


African Imports│Furniture & Decor 5

African Textiles; Kuba and Shoowa Cloth From The Congo


African-Wall-Art-Yoruba-Beaded-Lizard                          African-Wall-Art-Yoruba-Beaded-Lizard


African Yoruba White Beaded Crowns                          African Yoruba White Beaded Crowns


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