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Welcome To Phases Africa Furniture & Decor

Phases Africa Furniture & Decor PTY ltd, was launched in Los Angeles, by native South African Noleen Kutash, in 2001.  An online shopping experience in superior quality: African décor as well as, African furniture, unique lighting, African art décor, handmade area rugs and kids’ room décor.  Furthermore, Phases Africa's roots are firmly entrenched in Kutash's passion for the design masterpieces being turned out, by a new wave of home furnishing designers, in Africa. In addition to her immense appreciation for traditional African arts and crafts.   Consequently, due to Phases Africa’s ever-expanding international profile. Finally, led to the company moving its headquarters to South Africa, in 2013, in order to expedite and enhance their customer service.

We have a variety of incredible products.

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